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Photography is one of the most beautiful hobbies you could think of and, in a similar, quite a lucrative profession, if you choose to become a photographer. As a photographer, it is only natural that you always look for inspiration. You can do this everywhere, but the Internet is also a valuable resource, which brings me to Photogrist.

This photography blog is updated on a regular basis and the photos you get to see are simply stunning, which means that you will get plenty of your inspiration for your next shootings. In addition to that, Photogrist posts short, explanatory articles underneath each photo gallery.

This way, you can find out who made the pictures and maybe even get some specialty tips from the world’s most renowned photographers. As a photography blog, Photogrist is really an exceptional example of good taste and art. You should definitely add the website to your bookmarks and browse it on a regular basis.

Who knows? Maybe it is your work that will soon be posted on Photogrist. Keep in mind that photography should always be treated as a passion – as long as you have that, your work will be outstanding!

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