Pier 27 Towers in Toronto

The first thing to know about the Pier 27 Towers is that they are located in an excellent neighborhood.

Being located on the Queen’s Quay, there are a number of very nice shops and restaurants in close proximity.

Also, the area is friendly to multiple modes of transportation with roads that accommodate streetcars as well as cars, and includes bike lanes as well as pedestrian walkways.


There is even the Martin Goodman Trail that stretches across 56km of the lakefront great for hiking and jogging.

Besides just a fantastic neighborhood, there are also a number of amenities. The Pier 27 Towers will include much more than a great view of Lake Ontario.

The towers will include a sky bridge that spans from one tower to the other. Additionally there will be a health club and spa that will be great for spending time relaxing. Also, there will be a game room and theater.

Designed to surpass the expectations of even the most discerning buyer, The New Tower features an unrivalled collection of top building amenities, spectacular modernistic suite designs and some of the finest waterfront and city views in Toronto.

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