Pixel Robot Jump Saga

Maybe you just want to crush the dragon… Or you want to crush the candy so bad that you are willing to shell out some of your cash to advance to the next level.

Of course, in the fast changing mobile environment, it almost impossible to know which games will grab your attention and what developers will appear from nowhere and take the world by storm.

There are little tons of games clustered in different categories in the Play Store – from racing games to full action games.

When you first launch the addicting game of Pixel Robot Jump Saga by Universal Games, you are greeted by a serious looking pixel robot in the middle of a circle that has a hole on top.


The robot is in free fall towards the bottom of the circle and you need to control it by tapping the screen to prevent it from ever touching the sides of the circle.

It turns out that not only do you need to jump the robot out of the circle; you also have to get it back in to continue playing.

This is a game that will keep you on edge throughout, and you will find yourself attempting it over and over again as you try to accumulate as many points as possible.

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