Planning a Wedding – Choosing the Bridesmaid Dresses

Planning a wedding is probably one of the most complicated things when it comes to making decisions.

Also it costs a fortune especially if you really want it to be as you dreamt about it, during childhood.

You will surely search for your wedding dress months ahead, maybe even a whole year before deciding on the best option in between your desires and your budget.

And still, the most tedious thing you will deal with is picking the bridesmaid dresses, together with your best friends.

This could ruin friendships, and destroy years and years of perfect relationships, just because not all can agree on the same color and design. You can transform into a real bridezilla even before you know it if you don’t get everything right from the start.

Still, you can easily avoid any complication if you can make small compromises and communicate with everyone.

Here is how you do it in 3 simple steps:

1. Have a drink out at your favorite bar, together with the bridesmaids and decide on the color you would all like.

2. Pick a color, not a specific shade. If you have more than two bridesmaids, you can easily make a nice ombre effect if they would have different shades of the same color. This would look very beautiful in the wedding pictures.


You can either pick the length, as in maxi or mini dresses, but it could look even nicer if everyone had different lengths and designs. They wouldn’t feel like having an unwanted uniform this way.


1. Besides letting them choose the shade and design, you should all see what fabric you would like to use.

There should be some balance between their dresses. So if you have 5, two can have lace dresses and 3 chiffon dresses, for example. Or even better, let them decide on a type of fabric, or a combination of two.


If you would follow this simple guideline, you can actually have happy, beautiful bridesmaids as friends for life.

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