PocketQuiz is a Windows 8.0, 8.1 phone app that generates quizzes from flash cards. Included is a set of over 30 ‘sample’ quizzes (flash card sets) on a variety of useful topics.

In addition to the sample quizzes, the user can easily create their own quizzes as well. It’s as easy as creating a set of flash cards.


Some cool features are:

Talking Quiz – this is a lot of fun as it reads the questions and answers to you

Awards – when you complete a quiz you get a prize (trophy,star, certificate, ribbon or crumpled ball of paper) based on you score and it is kept in the history (progress icon)

Tap-N-Share send quizzes phone-to-phone

The App was originally created so the creator’s daughter could study vocabulary words from her teacher by entering them into the phone (like flash cards) and then test herself with the quiz function.

Flashcards are a popular way to study (see www.quizlet.com) and if this is successful I plan to integrate this with quizlet so that users can share their quizzes (flash cards) with the rest of the world.

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