Powerful Ceiling Fan

We all look forward to the summer and all the outdoor activities that come along with it. We can’t wait to get out in the backyard and grill, visit the local pool and lakes, and have outdoor picnics. However, during those dog days of summer when the heat just can’t be beaten and the only relief is inside your air-conditioned home, you need to know that you can stay cool without creating a huge electric bill.
Oh Powerful Ceiling Fan
Ceiling fans can be magical. They skillfully swirl the existing air around you creating a refreshing breeze and helping you to relax and escape the heat immediately. A fan has the ability to slightly raise the temperature in a room and the movement of air is often enough to create enough comfort without having to rely solely on the air conditioner.
Stand Alone Fans
Stand alone fans are another way to take the edge off of a hot situation. They can be used along with ceiling fans and/or the air conditioner. Your AC unit can be set at the lowest point possible, just enough to take the humidity out of the air, and used with the stand alone fans. Imagine coming home from a hockey tournaments boston ma to a home that is hot and muggy. Simply setting your AC unit to the lowest temperature possible and powering up your fans can usher that humidity out of the air in a short amount of time and get the air flow moving enough to cool you off.
Window Units
If you are trying to avoid running your air conditioner altogether, consider investing in an inexpensive window air conditioner. If you’re going to be spending most of your time in one room you may be able to completely bypass the central AC unit. Use your ceiling fans to move the air and your window unit to cool the room off. The air will slowly circulate and create some relief for you. Make sure that you choose a window unit that is big enough to cool your room of choice. Pay attention to how many square feet a particular unit is designed to cool.
We all want to be comfortable during those hot summer days and nights, however, none of us look forward to having a high electric bill. Use some cost saving tactics to help you beat the heat and the high utility bill. Put your fans in action, set your central AC unit to the lowest temperature possible, and/or get a window AC unit. A window unit will allow you to bypass using your central AC unit altogether if you plan on spending most of your time in a single room. Outsmart the heat and save money too.

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