PrankHolic App

We all agree that waiting in lines, being in long meetings and commutes is boring.

Why not help your friends avoid boredom by creating a fun and interesting moment for them?

Doing this is incredibly easy and simple with PrankHolic, an app that allows you send prank sounds to your contacts.

Moreover, you can make a video, upload it onto and send to your friend’s smartphone. You will make them laugh their hearts out.


PrankHolic Features

You can send your friends messages directly, create and send funny prank sounds with just one click.

The app allows you add more friends and manage them. This app is highly addictive and boredom will be an outdated thing!

Developed by Gabriel Sobota, this interesting android app takes just a small amount of space in your android smartphone. (It is just 15mb).

What’s more, its available from Google PlayStore for free.

Incredible tips that PrankHolic offers

· It makes waiting in line fun filled.

· Boring commutes and meetings become a thing of the past.

· Make an interesting video and have it uploaded onto

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