From Pregnancy to Delivery, a Massage Therapy Mothers Can Trust On

If you are a new mother or you’re expecting to be one in the near future, it is highly imperative that you know the benefits of a post natal massage. After going through excruciating pain to deliver her child, a mother needs nourishment and while it is good to have nutritious foods and supplements, true-and-quick recovery can only be achieved through a massage which will help in relieving sores, relaxing the muscles, improving blood circulation and most importantly in rejuvenation to compensate the loss of blood.

Studies have shown how a professional post natal massage can help you tone and re-tighten the skin on your tummy so that you can be as fit and as beautiful as you were before. If you are a resident of Singapore looking for a professional post natal massage service, look no further than “Post Natal Singapore”, a team of professionals dedicated to make your post natal period a time of all-smiles.


The pregnancy massage in Singapore  which lasts 1 hour a session including a 15 minutes corset binding period will cost you anywhere from $468 to $778 starting with a 5 session package going up to 10. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, so pamper yourself, or your wife, if you’re a father. To know more about the services offered, please visit:

All in all, Post natal Singapore has been in the trade for more than 24 years. With indepth understanding and experience in this field, total wellness of mothers has been the guiding foundation of the services through the years.

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