Presenting Dr. Rick Redalen

Dr. Rick Redalen graduated as a physician from the University of Nebraska College of Medicine in 1968, after first obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medicine from the University of North Dakota and this remarkable man has been involved in the world of patient care since that time.

In keeping with the medical world, as it was in the period in which he qualified, when the family doctor was far more than the referral conduit which he has since become, Dr. Rick Redalen assisted patients in various areas of medicine. These included general surgery, obstetrics and emergency medicine, in addition to the usual family doctor services he offered. He also spent time as a teacher of surgery in the Department of Family Practice at the University of Minnesota.

He founded the patient education solutions company ExitCare, which achieved great success in assisting patients in the reduction of readmission to medical facilities.

This highly successful company was sold to Reed Elsevier after 16 years. Dr. Redalen has since founded Quest Global Benefits with the intention of educating employers and employees in how to obtain the maximum benefit from their health insurance in terms of the Affordable Care Act.

His objectives in founding Quest Global Benefits were twofold; on the one hand, he was fuelled by a desire to assist employees to get the most cost effective and appropriate medical care and on the other hand, to utilize any profits for humanitarian activities.

His mission is to educate employers and employees to obtain the best for their medical dollar and to utilize the profits generated to provide assistance to the poor and orphaned of the world.

Dr. Redalen has been associated with the Christian Medical Society since 1967 and has in his own words “been very fortunate to travel the world ministering to disadvantaged people.”

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