Quick and Easy ID Checker

It is with no doubt that the use of this mobile-based software program has multiple benefits. Not only does it rally behind the idea of responsible drug use but also makes the age verification process such a fluid and effortless exercise.

Using the integrated one-second-swipe and photo capture ID feature, cashiers can tell whether a given a patron qualifies to be served with alcoholic drinks, without so much as straining their eyes reading birth dates.

In bars and restaurants, the I.C.O.P application can be further used to keep track of the number of customers and patrons served in a given period while also storing their profiles in a dedicated database.


In the case where the owner wishes to reward repeat customers in the future, he can easily do so by going through the entry logs recorded by the app.

Additionally, the A.C.O.P app proves to be an invaluable tool for nightclubs and casino owners. The app can quickly spot and flag fake IDs, commonly used by minors and teenagers to access age-restricted premises. Since selling alcoholic drinks to minors is a felony, your business is better protected by enlisting the services of such an ID scanner.

A.C.O.P. is a complete ID scanning system that works with Android supported devices. This App not only allows you to scan IDs to make sure you are not serving underage patrons, it also tracks various data points that will be useful for your business.

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