Rainbowcoin Review – The New Way to Send and Receive Money

Nowadays we could not imagine our daily lives without e-mails. The technology allows us to send messages to anyone in the world, at any time. The same goes for Rainbowcoin (LGBT), only that this remarkable, new system allows you to send and receive money.
While the classical e-mail system works with a format that is known to all of us, the Rainbowcoin (LGBT) system is slightly different in a way that it requires a character code that you will have to copy on the “To:” field in order to send a Rainbowcoin.
If you are already curious about the system, just join Ranbowcoin, open a wallet and simply start buying, selling, sending and receiving Rainbowcoins. These coins are finite and unique, unlike e-mail messages. Once a user who receives one sends it away from his computer, it’ll be gone. If you like, they are like physical money – when you spend it, it’s gone. Similarly enough, Rainbowcoins can’t be copied or replicated.
This Rainbowcoin (LGBT) Review covers only introductory details and, as a consequence it is recommended that you go to Rainbowcoin.info to start using the system and find out much more about how the technology works. Last, but not least, check out the system’s social media presence on Twitter and Facebook.

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