Reliving the Adventure from the Country’s Earliest Days

The adventures of the expedition of Lewis and Clark are taught to children in school today. Children and adults alike often retain their fascination of the excitement and thrills the two explorers must have faced during their trek across the country.

If you have ever wondered yourself what it was like for the two men as they made their way to the West Coast, you may be able to relive some of their adventures for yourself. You can click here to plan a vacation that will retrace the explorers’ footsteps and give you a firsthand account of what it was like to camp, explore, and traverse across some of the country’s wildest terrain.

Camping and Exploring like Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark had to fend for themselves as they made their way across the country to the western coastline. They came up against insurmountable challenges like bears, mountain lions, and other creatures that could have easily have killed them. They also had to camp out in elements that they may have never before experienced back in the East.

While the terrain you will traverse in this adventure has long been settled, you will still get a feel for what the two men went through as they camped out in rugged terrain and fished or hunted for their dinner. You will get to camp out in isolated areas and follow the same footsteps that the two explorers themselves took during their journey.

Booking Online

For safety’s sake, the journey guides can only take so many people with them. They cannot take hundreds of people with them simply because they are responsible for the well-being of their fellow adventurers.

With that in mind, you might want to book your journey quickly online. You will secure your place in the next journey westward and be assured that you will get to follow along with the next group that begins its trek across the country. You can find out the prices, amenities, and also what you need to take along with you on the website.

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