Renting an Apartment for Congresses in Cannes

While the Cannes International Film Festival is the thing that people instantly think of when they think of Cannes, you may be surprised to learn about the great number of different festivals and major gatherings that take place in Cannes every year. There are a huge number of events and this means that no matter what time of year you are coming to the area, there is likely to be something of great interest taking place.

This is brilliant for holiday makers as it adds some excitement to their trip but it is important to be aware of the dates of major festivals, because this may impact on the amount of hotel rooms that are available to book from. Given that many of these events are an annual occurrence, companies and individuals that return every year to Cannes may have block bookings in place, which means that you can struggle to find an affordable hotel room.


You shouldn’t worry if this is the case though, because there are many options when it comes to finding accommodation in Cannes and many people find that renting an apartment for congresses in Cannes is a very sensible idea.

Some of the most important benefits that come from renting an apartment in Cannes for a congress or festival include:

  • The price you pay is a flat fee so there is greater flexibility when it comes to housing your team
  • You can find greater value for money when it comes to renting an apartment
  • You can have more privacy when renting an apartment
  • You don’t have to worry about other guests

These are great reasons for renting an apartment at any time of year in Cannes but if you are in the area for a festival or major event, having a place where your team can gather, plan and relax is crucial. If it is important for you to create a positive impression during your stay, you want to look and feel at your best and you want to be as prepared as possible. When your team is able to congregate in a rented apartment, you can relax, unwind and plan your presentations and approach for the big event. This means you give yourself the best chance of showing yourself in the best possible light.

The festival season starts to come to life in March each year

You will find that the festival season gets underway in March and there are a number of major events taking place. The International Games Festival actually begins at the end of February and continues into March but there are trade shows form tourism, property markets and the network industry. These are all major industries and you can see why there would be a high level of demand for accommodation in Cannes surrounding these events. You can also see why it is crucial that your business presents itself in the best possible manner at these events, and this is where the right style of accommodation can have a huge impact on the success of your time at the event.

In April, there is the Cannes Shopping Festival, which is exactly the sort of major event that people will flock to the French Riviera for. Cannes is the home of so many stylish shops and retail outlets that it is only natural that this is the destination that many retailers want to be seen in. There is a major digital content and audiovisual festival in April, the world famous film festival takes place in May and in June, you have a music festival.

You also have the great and the good from the advertising community descending into Cannes in June and then you have an interactive and digital entertainment festival in the same month. When you think that Cannes is a major tourist destination at the best of times, all of these additional events increase the level of demand for hotel and accommodation in the city.

If you are looking to stay in Cannes for a festival, it makes sense to check out the range of rental accommodation in the city. When it comes to being fully prepared for the big event and getting the best value for money return that you can, this is the accommodation solution that is perfect for your needs.

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