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As the consumer industry expands rapidly, we are finding ourselves surrounded by a variety of products from different brands at competitive prices.

While being spoiled for choices feels nice in the beginning, choosing a brand over another for the same product can sometimes be problematic.

Certain products can look competitive on display but are actually unreliable during use. There are times when some product malfunctions are found only after extensive usage.

At such times reviews made by consumers who have used the products extensively matter the most. And this is where Review wisdom chips in.

Review wisdom is a repository of trusted consumer reviews for various products and appliances. The website is all about finding the best products using crowd wisdom rather than usual review scores.

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Thus a review wisdom score is a ratio between reviews of customers who recommend and do not recommend a specific product.

This method allows viewers to get a general idea about the quality of a product and thereby helps them find the best product in the category. is highly recommended website since it gives you access to trusted consumer reviews and find the best products for your money.

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