Roofing in Grosse Ile Michigan

Downriver Roofers is a GAF certified company known for providing highest quality roofing services in Michigan. They have been in operation since the last 20 years.

They are famous in the Grosse lle neighborhood as the company that deliver affordable yet exceptional roofs. Their well trained staff can address a wide of problems such as snow on roof, leaky roofs, wear and tear, poor roof ventilation and more.

They are experts at installing new roofs, repairing the existing ones, roofing inspections, applying protective coatings to roofs, improving ventilation through roofs and re-roofing.


They even guarantee their customers 100% satisfaction failing which they will give the money back. Their dedicated team of roofing professionals are available on call 24/7, they respond to all emergency residential and commercial roofing requests within few hours.

Most of their roofing jobs will be completed in one day while the owner is present at the site. This shows how professional they are.

Their team also comprises of insurance specialists who will process the client’s insurance paperwork so that his reimbursement check is promptly administered and delivered. For further information, you may visit

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