Samsung Galaxy S6 News, Rumors, Release Date and Specs

After S5’s sales fell short of expectation, the Korean company has a line of products scheduled for release in the next six months. The Alpha enhancement version of S5, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6 are all expected to be released sooner rather than later. Samsung’s S series has been their flagship phone, although the recent reviews about S5 have not done well to uphold that credential.

It is therefore no news they will be seeking to unravel various high end technology in their new release of S6. There are many speculations and rumors about the features, design and price of the phone, but official communication regarding the same is yet to be made. However, it is not difficult to make out a number of expectations in terms of design and features based on the hints that have been circulating the internet.


Samsung S6 release date
There is no official communication on the specific date S6 will be released but mobile manufacturers are very predictable. Samsung has a tendency of releasing their high end smartphones on a one year cycle just like other manufacturers. This release has also in recent times been within weeks or during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona.

The S5 was released during the event a few months ago and with Samsung planning to release the Galaxy note 4 this September, S6 can be expected early next year. Note 4 is set to buy some time and introduce a number of features that will enchant users as they wait for S6. Since the MWC will be held between 2nd and 5th of March 2015, the Samsung Galaxy S6 release date can be anticipated to fall on either 1st or 2nd of March.

S6 News
Samsung has generally been quiet over news concerning Galaxy S6. They have however hinted on a list of aspects we can anticipate on their future products which of course has to include their lead smartphone category. On the Annual Analyst Day held in Korea, Samsung announced that in late 2014, they will introduce their first phones to run on a 2560×1440 pixel WQHD display.

They then confirmed to bring 3840×2160 pixel UHD screens in 2015 although the S6 is expected to come too early for this. It will therefore fall within the expected technology cycles and possibly mimic QHD displays of the rumored LG G3. The Korean manufacturers also promised to push AMOLED displays into their smartphones which will result in black screens and conservation of battery power. Due to the lower than expected sales of S5, Samsung confirmed to put more effort into premium designs and materials.

As one counterpoint analyst Tom Kang puts it, they made a mistake, paid the consequences and will now have to leave that behind in order to focus on the next product. Samsung through an official spokesman also affirmed their emphasis on cutting-edge technology, reinforcing brand reputation and developing powerful products.

S6 Rumors
It is a common phenomenon to have varied speculations and rumors in the internet before a product is released. S6 is rumored to come with a curved flexible display design just as with the S5. Although the company has openly admitted to working on flexible displays, it is unlikely they will risk it on their flagship brand like S6.

Possibly they will just develop a specific phone for this technology before incorporating it into their leading line. The S series screens have been gradually rising over different models from 4 to 5.1 inches. Rumors of a larger display (5.2-5.5 inches) are therefore acceptable and only logical to anticipate. It is also rumored that Samsung will be giving up their plastic fascination for a better quality premium structure.

Consumers will be waiting to see whether Samsung S6 features the “graphene” build in place of plastic. Samsung S6 may also come too early for the new Tizen technology development and is more likely to feature the usual android technology. 

S6 Specs
The S6 is expected to harbor a number of improved features from its predecessors as well as new specs for competitive advantage. The water resistant coating, finger print sensory, home screen button and heart-rate sensor incorporated in S5 are all expected to be available hopefully in improved forms.

One spec expected in terms of phone power has already been released. Qualcomm, a leading CPU processor, released the Snapdragon 808 and 810 CPUs expected to be featured in S6. The chipsets are set to first appear in early 2015 which coincide with the release of Samsung Galaxy S6. With S4 on Snapdragon 600 and S5 on 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801, it is arguable that S6 will use 808 or 810 units.

The processor hence opens up to various possibilities including UHD 4K displays, 55-megapixel sensors and CAT 6 LTE connections. Although there are no available specs on camera, Samsung may go for the 16MP used in S5. The 808 unit is more probable since it supports the 2560×1600 pixels and a WQHD screen. Other specs would comprise LPDDR3 memories, enhanced battery management and a boost in graphical performance. 

Pricing is one of the easy to predict areas, especially where there is a flagship product in question. Considering the price ranges for the leading Samsung Galaxy S series products, it is doubtful that S6 will be pocket friendly. At launch, S5 sold as £579 and with the new anticipated capabilities, S6 will be expected to sell not less than £600.

Samsung has been in the list of leading manufacturers for a long time now and Galaxy S series boosted their credentials. These smartphones storm the world with incredible features a situation that heaped heavy future expectations. The sales of S5 are however way low than what the Korean company forecast which is why the emphasis is now on producing premium designs.

S6 is expected to be unveiled with the latest technologies in smartphones and capabilities unmatched by any other rival product. As we inch slowly to the anticipated release date, there will be more revelations in terms of features, design, functionality and price. In overall, the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone will be a force to reckon in 2015. There is no douubt that it will curve a notable niche when it is released.

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