Seattle Custom Home Builder

Your home is the central point in life and making it habitable is crucial. Undertaking regular home renovation services is key in maintaining the glow/sparkle of your home. To do this, you may need to upgrade the old fixtures, add new fixtures/ undertake new construction. Altogether, hiring the services of a professional is key in realizing good results.

At Seattle custom home builder they offer the various construction and remodeling services towards an energy efficient, high performance, durable home.

They shall offer the necessary help including offering advice regarding the necessary building materials and guide through all phases of new construction/remodeling.


Their experienced technicians shall offer effective and liable services such as roofing, electrical, foundation and concrete, plumbing, framing, and design among others.

All their services are license, insured and bonded. They offer personalized services to suit their customer needs and preference.

Either you are considering remodeling/undertaking new construction for your home, they’ve got you covered. Having been in this business for decades, they are fully competent and knowledgeable about the various service provision.

Benton Development has over 30 years experience building custom homes and other custom home projects in the Pacific Northwest.

Their primary goal is making the client’s interests the center of all that we do. Besides building beautiful custom homes, they also work on specific home upgrades and repairs. They complete all of their projects in an environmentally friendly way.

They are dedicated to provision of effective, reliable and yet affordable services to all their clients. Contact them today for free consultation and estimates!

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