Securing the Transportation Options Your Company Needs

Many companies today find it expensive and somewhat burdensome to maintain fleets of delivery vehicles. You have to pay the taxes and tags on these trucks or vans. You also have to maintain and repair them as necessary to keep them on the road.

These expenses can add up quickly and take a negative toll on your company’s bottom line. You may save money and enjoy greater convenience to better transportation options when you hire a third-party that offers hot-shot delivery, partial flatbed shipping, international hauling, and other services to business owners like you.
Saving Money with Partial Shipping Services

When you are on the lookout for every opportunity to save the most money possible, you might like the idea of sharing the cost of transportation services with other companies in your area. When they also have inventory to ship out, you may see the reasoning behind sharing the trip with them so that you all get your products to market quickly.

Partial shipping requires that you free up a bit more time in your schedule for pickup. However, it also can be offered at a lower rate than trips devoted to your inventory alone. With this option, yours will be loaded onto the truck alongside the inventory of other businesses in the area. The driver then will make stops accordingly to ensure everyone’s clients or vendors receive their shipments.
Single Delivery Services

When you cannot afford to waste time freeing up flexibility in your schedule for pickup, you may want to consider hot-shot delivery services. This hot-shot option involves picking up and delivering your products in a single day’s time. It is designed for shorter hauls or for deliveries that are being made in the local area.

It also can come in handy for when time is of the essence and you have a short deadline to meet. The driver will ensure that your inventory gets to its destination in time before the end of the day.
When you have to get products across the border into Mexico or Canada, you may not want to pay expensive rail or airfare. You can save money by hiring a transportation service with experienced drivers who can make international hauls for U.S. business owners. Your shipment will be kept safe at the border and beyond until it reaches its rightful owner in Mexico or Canada.

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