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Have you ever wondered why people prefer buying condos as opposed to a house or an apartment? But first, what is a condo?

A condo is the shortened form of a condominium, which is a form of housing where a specific part of a real estate or building is owned individually.

Condo buyers share ownership of the land on which it is built on, as well as amenities such as parking space, pool, elevators etc. These amenities are controlled by the group of owners who make up an association.

Potential buyers often prefer condos because it costs less compared to a single-sized family home in the same location. This automatically means both the property taxes and mortgage payment will be lower.

One crucial reason condos are preferred is also maintenance. Should you not enjoy the obligation of maintaining the grounds around your property,  yet cherish luxurious landscaping, the HOA exterior upkeep will be an attribute you need.

If your condo complex includes a pool or a few other facilities you enjoy but could hardly provide for yourself in a single-family home, a condominium may possibly work for you. You never will need to clean the pool or examine the hot tub chemicals. It will all be taken care of.

Rodeo Drive Condos is about constructing two massive condominiums that will offer you these luxuries and more. These condos will be located in one of the best areas in Toronto with easy access to schools, a park, supermarket, university, museum and more.


Located in Banbury Don-Mills, an upscale area, the condos will measure 111.5m and 126.5m, thus including 39 and 35 storeys respectively.

Rodeo drive condos have been given a transit score 63 out of 100 and a walk score of 89 out of 100. The towers will sit on 2,987 square metres of retail/ commercial space measuring 26 meters apart.

The best part is, you get these VIP accommodation for a relatively cheap price.


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