Shutta App Review

With an iPhone or iPad in hand, you have access to basically everything in terms of finance, information, communication, education and entertainment among thousands of niches.

The most incredible moments in life are those that occur in a split second. Capturing such moments live in a single shoot is a real challenge no matter how high quality your camera is.

It takes so much skill and experience with the camera to take snaps of such moments, and even with all these, the photographer may have to take hundreds of photos to finally capture that exact instance.

The best part about all of this is that with your iPhone or iPad, you can capture these moments, share them with friends and even win prizes via the Shutta Mission challenge.

This app lets you scroll through your live photos and videos frame by frame so as to capture the exact moment you want. You can scroll through 30/60/120/240 frames per second depending on your preferences and the precision you need.

One great advantage of taking snaps using this app is that the picture taken from the video never loses any resolution and you can enhance them using the different photo effects.


Your photo resolution ranges from print quality resolution to 4K resolution depending on the quality of your video.

You can either print your photos or share them with friends simultaneously via the Shutta network, Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS, or download the pictures to your phone.

Go out, take awesome videos to extract incredible photos from and enjoy the Shutta moment.

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