Siding contractor in Ann arbor Michigan

Siding contractor in Ann arbor Michigan company is aware of how devastating fire damage at your premises can be. The technicians strive towards restoring the premises to a better condition even than before.

Fire damage could take various forms and requires an individual you can trust to understand the manner in which it should be restored, as well as eliminate the smoke from the building.

The key damage issue is the smoke these different fire types produce, which include protein-based smoke, dry smoke, wet smoke, or soot, fuel, or oil remnants.

The company is aware of the need for fire damage to be assessed by an expert for proper identification of what happened as well as a good knowledge of what approach is to be employed for appropriate repair and cleaning.

Common services involved within this category include fire cleanup, replacement & repair of structural components, hazardous material disposal, GREEN fire damage cleaning , dry ice blasting, decontamination from fire toxins, and deodorizing to eliminate odors.

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