Sleek & Stylish Necktie + Wallet “Knot Your Average Tie”

A stylish necktie is an accessory that every elegant man uses on a regular basis. While there are thousands of models and materials to choose from, there is a necktie that brings men’s fashion to a whole new level – the Ejamsi Necktie Wallet.

This unique fashion item is both practical and very elegant, which are attributes that any dapper appreciates. The Ejamsi Necktie was designed with a simple, yet essential goal in mind. It eliminates the need to carry a bulky wallet when you are wearing a fancy suit.


With the Ejamsi Nectie Wallet you can carry essential items, such as your debit and credit cards, along with some cash and your ID, around your neck. Besides, this necktie is so elegant and sleek that nobody will ever suspect that it is a wallet at the same time.

It is available in two amazing designs: one with four card slots, which fits up to eight cards, and one with three card slots that can easily fit a total of six cards. Last, but certainly not least at all, the Ejamsi Necktie Wallet is made of hand stitched genuine leather and pure Silk.

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