Smash Animals Fun Animal Game

If we stopped 100 random people on the street and asked them if they use Android or iOS, we’d probably have more people falling in the previous category.

Android devices are more common because this OS functions on many different devices and it just so happens that not everyone wants an iPhone.

Most game developers who have released games in the past or are currently working on the release of a game in the future know one thing: Users want something simple.

Gone are the days when we all expected to be wowed by killer graphics that were over the edge. With everyone on the move and a smartphone in hand, most people don’t have the time to stop and stare at game graphics- and this may be a good thing.

If you’re looking for a game not too big on graphics, but still well thought out then Smash Animals is definitely it! This game has a simple user interface that is easy for adults as well as kids to understand.

At first impression, a user may mistakenly assume that this game is tailored for children because of the simple graphics that developers have made use of.

These simple graphics, in my opinion, don’t overcomplicate the game. They don’t distract users from the objective of the game which is to collect coins and food.

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One could spend up to 10 minutes deciding on which cute animal character to use, but not end up distracted by flashy text or designs.

If you have a child looking for an intellectual game they can enjoy without flashy graphics, Smash Animals is it.


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