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Even with all the beautiful and amazing things that surround us in this modern world, life can at times get boring and all you could be needing is a good laugh.

Finding jokes that are funny to everyone is very difficult, especially if you were not born a comedian.

This may make conversations quite challenging especially when you are around friends that love jokes.

Ever thought that an Android app could help with this?

Apparently, all you need to do is head over to Google PlayStore, download the SMS Jokes app and install it to your smartphone, and soon, all your friends will start looking forward to visiting you.


This entertainment app is designed specifically to keep you laughing for as long as it stays on.

It comes with at least 1500 jokes divided into different categories including friends, in relationship, single, fun fact, parents-children, school, the blond and animals, just to name a few.


Being in SMS form, sending them to your circle of friends via text messaging is just a button away.

The SMS Jokes app is also a great inspiration for everyday conversations as well as the most interesting and captivating social media posts that will attract maximum views, likes and participation from your friends.

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