Sonxtronic Review

Online shopping has increased tremendously over the last decade and making orders from provider official website is the new norm. There are a few things to consider before making online purchases and the main ones include security and data protection, ease of access, navigation and purchase process.

You should also check for on-site features that improve user experience and promptness with which inquiries are responded to by the support team. Sonxtronic is a high-end electronics establishment headquartered in USA and provides fashionable designs of trending elegance, performance and efficiency.

You can access their official website at and view all their products or make orders which will be delivered straight to your residence.

Sonxtronic has a lot of high end headphones but now they also have inexpensive sports and running headphones the Sonxtronic xdr-8000 and Sonxtronic xdr-8001.


There lots of running headphones but for simplicity and comfort during serious exercise these are great. Similar to the Sony discontinued and very popular mdr-w08 mdr-w08l it is a vertical headband headphone with exceptional comfort. Hundreds of reviews at various sites confirm this.

There has never been a good substitute until sonxtronic came out with the xdr-8000 and xdr-80001. While not exactly the same almost everyone thinks they are very comparable. Most reviewers find them as good or better.

The Sonxtronic xdr-8001 and Sonxtronic xdr-8000 are very cute great sounding simple lightweight headphone that match well with work most athletic clothing and work-out outfits. Endurance athletes and runners like the extreme light weight and simplicity and they can be a cute functional headband as well.

They stay in place and most of all stay comfortable due to there unique design.

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