Stock Station – All-In-One Stock Trading Monitor and Analyzer

Trading stocks and options has never been easier thanks to the new stock traders’ full-time personal assistant: Stock Station.

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This all-in-one stock trading app is packed with everything you need to make the most out of the numerous opportunities available in the stock market. Here is a brief overview of the personal stock trading assistant.

Trading On the Go

Even the best stock and options traders cannot always have their eyes on the ever-changing stock market. Fortunately, this program takes over the task from you whenever you need to take some time off.

The program constantly monitors the market and sends out price alerts whenever there is a good opportunity to be exploited. However, it does more than just monitoring to ensure higher chances of success.

Comprehensive Analysis

Some of the best features of this program are advanced charts. These charts are packed with features such as moving averages, technical indicators, overlay bars, price bands, and Fibonacci lines, just to mention a few.

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These and other features enable the program to perform a comprehensive analysis of the stock market and point out good opportunities.

Portfolio Management

Managing portfolios is made incredibly easy by this program. It allows you to create multiple portfolios and include an unlimited number of trading strategies, stocks, options, and currencies.

It also personalizes your portfolio according to your preferences and auto-refreshes to ensure that you are always up-to-date.


Now it is possible to always have your eye on the stock market thanks to Stock Station. The program not only monitors the market but also analyzes data to identify the best trading opportunities.

As far as trading assistants go, this is certainly the best considering that it never sleeps and is powered by the best technology in the market.


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