SwapMe by FacioMetrics

A good photo usually requires good lighting, perfect visibility of the face, a good facial expression, a good photographer and a high quality lens.

While all these are achievable in the best photo studios around the world, when it comes to the random photos we take on daily basis, it is quite impossible to achieve this whole package, all at a go.

With just a few of these, you have all you need to get a magazine-quality photo of yourself.

The SwapMe app helps bring out the best out of your face. Even if your facial expression looks a little misplaced and your hair doesn’t look good enough, this app has got you fully sorted.

screen322x572With the use of the most advanced facial feature recognition and gaze tracking technology, you can get only your facial features swapped to one of the nice faces that are included in your phone’s gallery.

You can have your dull-looking photo swapped to a more exciting face and have the facial expression preserved.

screen322x572For instance, you can have yourself smiling in your final photo even if you weren’t smiling in the original picture.

This feature is present in the advanced mode of this app. With this app, you get the most realistic face swaps.

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