Taking Electricity for Granted

Most people living in the United States or other Western countries do not remember what it was like living at a time when electricity was not ubiquitous. Just about everyone alive today in industrialized countries only knows what it is like to live with electricity. When electricity is gone, even for just a few moments, it creates a level of frustration, confusion, and despair that it’s difficult to understand.

The interesting thing about having electricity all the time is that electricity produces a very quiet hum that people have just become accustomed to listening to. That is why when the power goes out, things seem quieter than they usually do.

Anyone who has experienced a long-term power outage understands just how dependent society has become on electricity. Not having power for one night might be fun. It gives a family the opportunity to break out their candles, enjoy the fireplace, or make a bonfire. However, when that power outage goes on for days, things become desperate very quickly.

Simple things like being able to charge a cell phone, keep food cold in the refrigerator, and use the microwave, Internet, or television all disappear. Although society is completely dependent on electricity for its existence, most people give little thought to the steps involved not only in creating power but also transporting that power around the city.

Most people do not know the name of the individuals who run in their local power plant or their local power reactor. Most people do not know or understand the steps involved in converting something like water, steam, coal, or sunlight into energy and then delivering that energy to where it needs to be the most. Quite honestly, most people do not understand how the electrical network in their own home works, much less understand the work done by catalyst cleaning services.

Thankfully, there are dedicated women and men who spend their lives seeing to it that cities have the electricity they need. Thanks to their hard work and their ingenuity, most people in the industrialized world do not need to go more than just a couple of hours without having electricity.

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