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It’s funny how many adults aspire to play the piano. They are probably the same people who avoided practicing like it was the plague when they were kids. It is frustrating how we want to learn new things when we are adults and don’t have the time and when we are kids and have all the time in the world we aren’t interested in anything like that. It is never too late to start learning the piano, though.

If you have recently decided to teach yourself piano, you have probably considered employing a private instructor. That is a good idea. Sure it can seem expensive or time-consuming to meet with someone every week, but there are some obvious advantages to doing that. You can usually meet with one at whatever frequency you prefer. Private lessons are well worth the cost. Here are three reasons why.

Bad Habits – The biggest problem with beginners is the tendency to develop bad habits. People do this because at first, good technique can be somewhat painful. A private teacher will recognize your deficiencies early in your learning process. They can then train you around them and help work them out of your playing. That will go a long way towards you getting better faster. It also makes playing less painful and difficult when you are playing more difficult pieces of music. Good technique is vital if you want to be a skilled musician.

New Music – All private teachers are professional musicians. They love music or they wouldn’t be doing it in the first place. That means that they probably listen to a lot of music you aren’t aware of. Teachers introduce you to things that you have never heard before. Introducing you to new concepts basically their main function in your life. Constantly seeking new music will only make you a better musician.

Get better faster – Students almost always get better faster when they take lessons. Teachers can design a lesson plan that will fit perfectly with your lifestyle and playing ability. Teachers know what to avoid and what to look for with every future musician that they are teaching. That is true whether they are teaching kids or adults.

Those are just three reasons to take private lessons. I built a lifelong friendship with my teacher that lasted will into my adulthood. It was fun for him to see me develop into a professional musician. I may have even become better than him in the process.

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