Temporary Messaging is Here

If men hit on you a lot and if you want to protect yourself from stalkers, maniacs, etc., then, you should not give your contact details to anonymous people.

What you should do, however, is use a temp messaging app with which you don’t give out your mobile phone number and you cannot be bothered on your smartphone, Facebook, etc.

So whenever a guy insists on getting your contact details, give him your “Nice to meet you” app username and communicate using this software.

With this app, your conversations are automatically deleted three days after you had a conversation with anyone.

So, if you want to flirt with men, your choice should be a temp messaging app as with a temp messaging app your conversations are deleted, and no one can read, or find out about your interactions with anyone.

There is nothing more embarrassing than a close family member reading your intimate conversations with other people.

So be smart and use temp messaging apps and don’t ever let anyone mess with your private life.

Install the best temp messaging app “Nice to meet you” and keep your private life where it should be kept to yourself.

Another benefit of this app is, there are no annoying ads. At the same time, you keep your privacy, and you aren’t bothered from boring and malicious ads.

If you ever wish your instant messages didn’t last forever, this new app is looking to solve this problem. “Nice To Meet You!” Inc. has created an app where IMs only last 3 days.

When you send a message using this app, the message slowly disappears. Check out the YouTube video to learn more.

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