Tenantify – Excellent Tenant Screening Service

Being a landlord is no easy-task nowadays, especially in a time when people have free access to online bank statement templates. This is why regular tenant screening has become outdated. Thanks to the wide variety of methods that tenants have access to, landlords can easily be served anything from fake employment status to fake credit reports or bank statements.

Luckily for landlords, there’s an online company that specializes in tenant background check – namely Tenantify. By offering excellent tenant screening services, the company makes it possible for landlords to make informed decisions by confirming the income and employment status of the tenant. In doing so, it saves the landlord from all the hassle and prevents fraud risk – thus making the renting process safe and easy!

The employment and income verification Tenantify offers is very accurate. The tenant screening process goes like this: as soon as the tenant provides the company with consent, it retrieves a bank statement directly from the tenant’s bank. If there is no consent given, then the tenant’s employer will be called. Tenantify will also check the employer phone number, in order to minimize fraud risk. This process is beneficial not only for landlords, but also for tenants, as the chance of application success is enhanced.

To sum up, Tenantify minimizes problems in the housing market while building trust between landlords and tenants. Thanks to years and years of experience in fraud prevention and financial innovation, landlords are able to do a thorough tenant background check and make renting worry-free.

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