The Best Place to Get Fashion Accessories and Makeup

Bella Allure specializes in the sale of high fashion jewelry and professional make-up. The site offers a range professional make-up which includes eyeliners, eyeshadow and lipstick.


Examples of these include the 2 in one waterproof eyeliners that are offered at $6, the professional eyeshadow that has over 78 colors and is offered at $21 and finally the water proof matte lipstick that is available at only $3. All the professional make up is of the Belle Allure brand.

On display are pieces of elaborate pieces of high fashion jewelry which includes a Vintage Bohemian Crystal necklace, an even more intricate Bohemian multi-level chain, a necklace that takes on the form of fallen leaves known as Bohemian Leaves, a Vintage gypsy necklace, an Egyptian flower themed necklace and a classic vintage Neon necklace.


The Bella Allure site also offers an equally fantastic collection of earrings, rings and bracelets. If anyone is in the search of high fashion jewelry and professional makeup, there is no better site to visit than

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