The Fleur Condos – The Best Investment in Toronto Condos in 2017

There is no doubt that the Toronto Condo market grows in the next few years. The market is so hot that it’s spreading to the nearby markets like Hamilton and Barbie. Soaring market values do not mean quality housing. The issue of poorly constructed condos that lack space is still a problem for investors.

Its advisable to get a professional real estate agent. They should guide you through your buying process. I recently came across, and it’s the luckiest thing I have done this year. A few minutes with them and I was able to solve my biggest concerns which were:


1. Buying poor quality condos
2. Buying a condo without enough space
3. Having an accessible property
4. Saving some money while investing

Well Constructed Condos

Stories abound of glass falling off high rises, and leaking pipes in Toronto condos. In fact, some property experts don’t expect some of the properties to be functional in 20 years.

For someone to pay a premium on a condo, the expectation is years growth in property value. That doesn’t happen with high maintenance costs.

At 29 stories and 370 units, the property has the latest construction and design elements. One of the few places that combine elegance and structural durability.

Space is not a Problem Here

Every growing family needs a condo with adequate space for growth. That is one thing that the Fleur Condos in Toronto ensured was not an issue. You not only have retail space but you have two and three bedroom condos.

For those looking for a good place to raise their family, it’s a great deal.

Accessibility To All You need in Toronto

The property is located right in downtown Toronto. Not only will you have retail shops on the property, but there are supermarkets right on the doorstep.

The Universities of Toronto and Ryerson are a stone throw away. Coupled with easy access to public transit and the subway should make your life very easy.

You are also not far away from St. Michaels hospital and walking distance to church. If you love the arts, there is no shortage of theatres in the area.

Invest as You Save

It is hard to ignore the fact that this property will likely grow in value over the next years. Yet, the best thing I got from their website was the ability to buy at a cheaper rate.

You can sign up as a Platinum VVIP member and have access to lower prices for the condos. You also get a chance to choose your unit before anyone else.

Buying a condo right in the middle of Toronto is not cheap. That’s why the membership is a great deal.

I have to say that Mike Li has done a great job with It’s good to know that the project is backed by Century 21. With Mr. Li’s guidance, you get a condo in Toronto that is a significant investment and a home.

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