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After the failure of the prohibition in the USA, the authorities needed another excuse to control the American citizens, so they made up a fake story about the dangers of marijuana.

Although the authorities proclaimed marijuana as dangerous, their claims had no proof. Many professors looked for proofs to show their students about the dangers of marijuana, and most of them failed to find any proof about the serious consequences of the regular use of marijuana. So many scientists and highly educated people became advocates of legalizing marijuana.

Some states learned their mistake, and they legalized marijuana. Besides all the negative effects that were written in the past about marijuana and its effects on people.

There are hundreds of examples in countries where marijuana had been legalized that proof that those negative effects are false, such as the lie that marijuana is highly addictive, research has shown that alcohol is more addictive than marijuana.

The lie that marijuana increases the crime rates in a country; the best example is the state of Colorado, where the crime rates have decreased after the legalization of marijuana.

Also, another myth of the legalization of marijuana, and drugs in general, is that the legalization of drugs and marijuana increase the number of drug addicts.

In Portugal and Holland, marijuana has been legalized for years: in Portugal all drugs are legalized, and the number of drug addicts in Portugal is below 9% of the population. In the Netherlands, statistics show that the number of marijuana addicts is very low as well.

Therefore, join the fight of making marijuana legal everywhere since it has lots of health benefits. It reduces stress. Marijuana kills cancer cells.

It is a very strong analgesic that helps people in the treatment for osteoarthritis and other illnesses old people suffer from. But in order to win the fight for legalization of marijuana, it is necessary to have strong facts.

The best way to gain information about recent studies on marijuana, and its benefits is to use The Growing Marijuana app. This app informs its users about the benefits of marijuana, according to research.


It shows the proper ways of using marijuana. It shows the trends of using marijuana, etc.

It is time we show the authorities that we want to smoke marijuana freely. It is time to use the positive example of Colorado, Portugal, and the Netherlands to make marijuana legal everywhere.

So download The Growing Marijuana app from and join the fight. Make history in your country and enjoy the benefits of marijuana.

Download this app spread the positive effects of marijuana among your friends and family. Make your life better for you, and others by fighting for the legalization of marijuana.


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