The Market Today Is Flooded by Authentic Desi Prints & Weaves with a Twist

Indian handlooms are extremely popular worldwide thanks to their exquisite designs, richness, fine quality and diversity. They have been an undeniable part of Indian culture since time immemorial. Apart from the sarees, these desi prints and weaves are getting a modern twist and they now feature in salwar suits, sling bags, sandals, greeting cards and even folders. Here are some of the hot favorites and the most popular desi prints and weaves among the Indian fashionistas.

The Tussar and Mulmuls of Madhubani

Discover the rich heritage and exotic tradition of India and experience real poetry in threads by opting for the beautiful hand-woven cotton tussar and mulmuls from the district of Madhubani in Bihar. Madhubani district is famous for its low-twist unique tussar silk that is great for creating intricate designs through cross weaving.

Bandhani or Tie and Dye of Rajasthan

The Bandhani fabrics of Rajasthan exemplify the folklore of this mystically enchanting land. The tie and dye technique is very popular for salwaar suits, sarees and even stoles. The lehariya is of course, a special type of tie and dye, where diagonal stripes are designed in crepe, silk, kota doria, and chiffon fabrics. The Bagru prints and the Sangeri blocks are a craze with today’s youngsters because of the truly vibrant colors. The salwar suits India are distinctive because of these beautiful prints. The zardosi, gota, and zari works are used effectively to pep up your bridal wear.

Bagh Print Belonging to Madhya Pradesh

Bagh print is essentially an authentic hand-block print that comes in natural hues. These prints look best in cotton fabrics and are used to create beautiful sarees and designer salwaar suits. Moreover, these prints are dominating the scene as they are being used on stoles and folders. The designs essentially, consist of floral and geometric compositions in vegetable dyes. Usually red and black prints in a contrasting milky white background are very popular.

Kalamkari of Kashmir

This intricate and truly mind-blowing Kashmiri work effectively complements the amazing beauty of the place. Kashmir is known for its fine kalamkaari and intricate embroidery on crepe, chiffon and printed pure silk saris and even salwar kamizes, embroidered dresses and sleek handbags. You could come across top quality and enchanting woolen pashmina shawls. It takes at least, a few months for creating a single piece of fabric. The unique value and elegant colors make it a wonderfully prized possession for the fashionistas.

Baluchari from Bengal

Bengal’s culture is reflected in its fabrics. The Kantha stitch and the Baluchari fabric are extremely popular worldwide. Baluchari fabrics are used in rich tussar, silk and cotton tant sarees and even stoles that are complemented with rich tussar salwar suits. The exotic kantha stitch or embroidery requires superlative craftsmanship. Today kantha embroidery of Bengal is found on not only sarees and salwar suits, but also, in batuas, sling bags, ornis or dupattas, stoles and shawls.

Sambalpuri of Odisha

The Bomkai and Sambalpuri handlooms of Orissa are must-haves and your wardrobe is incomplete without them. Every true ethnic outfit lover should possess Sambalpuri Ikkat saree. Ikkat is a double tied and dyed print which depicts scenes from the Indian mythology on rich silks and soft cottons. Nowadays sambalpuri salwar suits are very much in vogue especially, during the sultry summer season. They come in attractive designs and eye-catching colors. You can opt for beautiful Sambalpuri bedcovers and bed sheets also. The Bomkai is intricately woven and are known for their exotic borders that are designed with mythological animals and floral designs usually, in golden thread. These sarees are elegant, exclusive and pretty expensive.

Warli of Maharashtra

The Warli tribe is truly inspired by nature, and they use geometric shapes such as triangles, circles, and squares for creating miniature drawings of various gods and goddesses, the moon, the sun, animal and human figures. This hugely popular print is used not only on salwar suit materials but also, they are found on wall hangings, tea cups & mugs, slippers and clutch bags instilling a unique ethnic element into them.

The Patola of Gujarat

Gujarat’s patola print provides a quirky or unusual twist. The prints are created using the tie-and dye method. Fabrics having these prints are considered to be exclusive and expensive too. The flamboyant geometric designs sprinkled with exotic folk motifs truly reflect the vibrancy of the state of Gujarat. The intricate Kutch embroidery and the beautiful vegetable dye prints are nowadays found on salwar suits, shirts, saris, scarves and shoes.

Desi prints and weaves are ruling the fashion scenario and they are fast being used in many new things other than being restricted to sarees and salwar suits only.

Author Bio: Shivani Rohatgi is a talented young designer who comes up with beautiful sarees and salwar suits using authentic Indian prints and weaves from all over the country. She is known for her exclusive line of salwar suits India and you can find her collection at

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