The Penguin Run

New and sophisticated apps are designed on a daily basis. People want to design apps able to undertake all sorts of activities. The most ventured and explored sector is the gaming world.

Gaming apps are being designed and currently there are so many apps offered for free. It is quite difficult to select on a particular app today because all seem worth trying. However, there are those unique and outstanding apps that you definitely need to explore.

If you are a great lover of penguins, the best way to have fun is to try out the new game from Universal Games that will always leave entertained and challenged.


Other exciting and amazing features include; cold snow background and snowy mountains, simple touch control, new fun and exciting levels, sophisticated graphics, and social networking feature among others.

The game is also optimized for tablets. When playing, you unlock exhilarating colorful penguins by collecting goldfish. The game is less involving but very interesting to play.


The ultimate goal is to help the little penguins have fun by rushing them to collect fish and at the same time protecting them from any obstacles.

This game is simple to understand and play. It is a quality game that is addictive and entertaining to play.

The best way to relax on your way home from an exhaustive day is to try something motivating and catchy like the Penguin Run, Cartoon.

I highly recommend this app game. It has received positive reviews and will keep you engaged even during your free time.

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