The Tik Tak Tumble Game

Most people who love games are introverts or don’t have a very active social life.

Playing a game that lets you connect with humanity is a great advantage as it lets any gamer share their exciting experience with their friends.

Whether it is through the internet or via social media, it is absolutely important that all games have a social feature to increase the fun as well as the competitiveness during game play across the whole world.

The Tik Tak Tumble game offers the greatest friend interaction by allowing you to share your gaming experience on Facebook.


This friendly game also requires you to capture your friend’s Selfie photos that pop up with a 4-second salutation, and divert them right into the friend zone bull’s eye.

As you do this, their recorded voices hail you with their salutation, and you score more points that will help you in moving up levels.


On the other hand, your friends will earn hearts so that they can keep moving to higher levels with you. It definitely is the friendliest game ever developed in the gaming world.

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