The TopBrewer SCANOMAT

is an innovative world novelty that has created an entirely new category within coffee brewers.

With a modern design, TopBrewer SCANOMAT device occupies only 1% of the bar compared to a normal espresso and coffee beans reduce consumption by up to 10%.

Maintenance revolutionary device takes 5 min / day being equipped with built-in cleaning system which is activated after each operation.

The sofware allows easy operation of the controls from your tablet or smartphone and bene fi t from a frequency of preparation of 90-180 of coffee or coffee recipes per hour, reducing to a minimum the action bartender in the process of preparation of coffee and guaranteeing a constant quality coffee preparations.

TopBrewer SCANOMAT can prepared:  Coffee Americano, Espresso,  Macchiato, Coffee Filter,Cappuccino, Café Latte prepared from beans freshly roasted and chocolate liquidate fresh liquid milk Belgian chocolate, apple or grapefruit, orange juice, cold bottled water, carbonated water cold, hot water for tea, warm milk.


  • Ultra-low Standby Consumption – 4 watt
  • Works with iPhone & iPad
  • Made for Android
  • Waste Tray Alarm
  • IR-Detect, Beans Empty Alarm
  • Dreg counter with alarm
  • MilkSpear with Low Milk Alarm
  • Manometer w/pressure & content dials
  • Sliding rails
  • ThermoBlock Instant Hot System, 2.3kW
  • Bluetooth enabled wireless control


  • Automatic Milkclean System
  • Automatic cleaning programme
  • TopBrewer Pure Filter System (with filter monitor)
  • NSF & UL Approved

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