The Tracker App

Finding an app that genuinely lets you know the exact situation of your wellness and fitness is a fortune.

Unfortunately, very few are designed to do so. Most of them base their statistics on vague values which will not have a fitness or diet routine uniquely customized for different users.

The Tracker app goes out of its way to find the most relevant and the most accurate data from you, which you update frequently throughout your entire routine.


With this data, this app combines it with the data it obtains from your daily exercise and dieting routine to come up with the most accurate results, helping you track your fitness and wellness progress even better.

The Tracker app lets you personalize your experience as every user is completely different from another.

When you start using it, you will be required to enter your diet profile as well as your goals.

If you are not aware of them, Tracker uses the InRFood technology, to automatically calculate your diet profile and goals once you enter your age, weight, gender, height and activity level.

This app’s InRFood goes deep down beyond the nutrition labels and list of ingredients to scan and analyze the nutritional weight of added sugars, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, trans fats, MSG and other glutamates, high fructose syrup,

Genetically Modified Organisms, additives and preservatives. All these are used to calculate your diet and come up with the perfect plan to ensure you eat well and exercise enough.

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