The ultimate Salesforce management tool – AutoMagic Sync

Each sales manager is aware that a complete and updated CRM database is crucial to the success of a business. The way the clients perceive the company and the overall image depend on this relationship because we live in an era where communication is the strongest tool.

A strong and trustworthy customer relationship guarantees the profit of a business. Of course, it can get difficult to maintain an updated CRM database and also tofind time to follow the communication strategy. The choice every sales manager has to make for his or her team is a tough one because if the team focuses on maintaining a complete database, it loses time dedicated to sales and if the focus is on sales, the database might suffer.

With the new feature of AutoMagic Sync that integrates Salesforce with Google calendar, this problem is solved. The application searches automatically in Google Calendar for the specific events that are linked to contacts in Salesforce and writes them in the user’s Salesforce calendar, along with all the details. The application works both ways, alsosyncing the events in the user’s Salesforce calendar with those in the Google Calendar. This process takes place every 15 minutes, so that sales reps can benefit from a complete and updated calendar without any additional effort from their side. Moreover, AutoMagic Sync can also process the events retroactively, so that the user can have a complete history of his or her meetings and events. So, without any manual action and without any time consuming effort, sales reps are able to have an updated calendar in both Salesforce and Google Calendar, without the possibility of duplicates. Also, the admin is able to select for which users the calendars need to be synced.

A sales representative can spend as much as one hour per day trying to input data in Salesforce or to check if all the events and e-mails are synced. This is valuable time that could be spent on finding and converting new leads. When technology allows us to automatize simple tasks with zero or little costs it is only natural to allow it to do just that in order to save time to do the real important tasks. Allowing sales reps to do this also will reflect in excellent results at the end of each quarter. After all a sales agent is most valuable when he or she is on the field, selling.

When it comes to Salesforce management, AutoMagic Sync from Floating Apps proves itself to be an efficient, time-effective and reliable tool. Apart from syncing the calendars, letting sales reps have a complete order in their events, AutoMagic Sync also imports contacts from Google contacts and syncs them with Salesforce, working both ways for creating an automatically updated and complete CRM database. By integrating Salesforce with Google contacts, this application saves a lot of time and creates the perfect CRM tool for a productive and thriving business.

Sales managers who have used this application are thrilled about the results, for AutoMagic Sync lets them focus on sales strategy while taking care of the CRM database, ensuring the raise in the productivity of the sales reps.

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