Tibetmoto – Greeting Adventure

The great outdoors have many, many wonderful gifts to bare. From nostalgic adventure to breath-taking beautiful scenery that will forever be etched in your memory. Yes, the great outdoors have many gifts to offer, especially if you are looking for adventure on four wheels and motorcycles through Tibet and China. That is where Tibetmoto comes into play.

They are the specialists for expedition, adventure and family tours. Tibet Motorcycle Adventures, or Tibetmoto, operates motorcycle and 4×4 tours in Tibet, China and beyond since 2010.They find it highly important that their clients are brought in touch with local people and nature: where others only pass by, they take a breath and join in local culture, religion and village life.

On the expeditions they offer, you will camp in remote areas with nomads, on vast last lakes and wonderful valleys. Also, thanks to the supply vehicle, you can rest assured that your luggage and a large cooking and dining tent equipped with a kitchen will be carried along.

What is more, Tibetmoto will supply you with a user-friendly map, on which you will find marked, lunch breaks and meeting points. This gives you the advantage that you can either ride all by yourself or closer to the group. You can stop any time you want to enjoy the beautiful landscape or you can simply ride.

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