Tilden Tasks Review

Having trouble with your WordPress website? Does your site load slowly, scaring away traffic?

Are you in a business set up, and need corporate services such as market analysis, email integration and data analysis to increase your business productivity while still saving you money by cutting costs?

Tilden Tasks promises to take your business WordPress site to the next level, by unleashing most of your sites potential. They offer word class services, fast response, and high quality work, all at a great and friendly price.

Satisfaction is guaranteed, thanks to their 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. Tilden Tasks offers the following services.

Tilden Tasks will do all the email integration for you, by helping you tie your website to your email platform.

This entails integrating email marketing with your business marketing, enabling clients or prospects to interact with your business more efficiently.


To effectively analyze and interpret important website data, Tilden Tasks helps you set up analytics in your site and interpret data about your sites traffic, all in a bid to help you describe, predict and improve business performance.

Tilden Tasks offers attractive packages, depending on your business requirements. The basic package, goes for $77 per month, and covers only one site per user.

The package includes unlimited WordPress tasks, detailed notes for every task, and one business day turnaround.

Tilden Tasks manages your WordPress site so you don’t have too. Tilden does your fixes, ongoing development and design tasks for less than $100 per month.

Tilden Tasks turns around your 1 hour or less job by the next business day. Tilden Tasks got its first few customers on Craigs List, WordPress forums, and Co Working Email lists.

The response has been exceptional and Tilden Task has helped hundreds of websites get better. Tilden Tasks provides the best support in the world.

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