Time and Space Condos

Located around plush parks and easily accessible markets, Time and Space Condos are designed to provide residents with more time and space in their homes. These condos are being developed at 177 Front Street in Toronto by Pemberton Group and are designed by Wallman Architects.

These condos are available in four residential towers which are 33, 29, 27 and 25 floors in height and are mounted atop 10 floor podiums. The condos offer a great view to the residents and are an ideal option for people who want to stay close to nature while being connected to the city.


There are a total of 1700 units being developed currently over a space of 1900 square meters as per the plan and 40 percent of the site is reserved at the ground level for Privately Owned Public Space which will also act as an inner-courtyard for the residents. The pedestrian pathway connects the Lower Sherbourne and Princess Streets and the sidewalks have been widened along all streets as well.

These downtown Toronto condos feature a vast number of 836 parking spots along with amenities for children and pets as well. The numbers of two and three bedroom suites have also been increased to meet customer demands.

With a walk score of 97 out of 100, the St. Lawrence Market condos are located a few minutes away from 65 parliament and 365 parliament bus stops.

People can find more information about the condos and developers on the company’s website. The website also offers registration and contact details of sales manager so that interested customers can get early bird benefits and lowest prices.

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