Tips to Make Owning a Dog Easy and Fun

Your initial reaction to owning a dog might be one of excitement and joy. After all, you may have always wanted a pet who would constantly give you love and who would always be there for you whenever you came home. However, you may not be as prepared for some of the changes and surprises that a new pet brings into the home. Your new dog may be dirty, may have behavioral problems and may even have accidents on your carpets or furniture. You may quickly find yourself with your head in your hands wondering what ever possessed you to think that a dog was right for you. The good news is that after these initial growth pains, it can be incredibly fulfilling and joyous to own a dog. Here are four tips to make this process easy and fun.

Buy the Supplies First

First, stop to consider what you will need before you bring your new pet home. If you let a new dog into your house but you have nothing prepared for him, he will have an even harder time adjusting to this change and may start using some of your belongings in ways that make you feel angry. Some supplies that you should have on hand before picking up your new dog include a collar and leash, food and water bowls, a pet bed, food and treats and dog toys. In addition, make sure that the items you choose are appropriate for your dog’s age.

Opt for Professional Training

While you may initially jump at the chance to train your dog yourself, you may quickly feel frustrated with the slow process. Professional training is a great choice because your dog will get to be around other dogs and will get the benefit of a knowledgeable trainer. Of course, it is up to you exactly how much training your dog receives. He should be able to follow basic commands, such as sit, stay, down and drop, by the end of basic training. Training ensures that your dog will not be extremely wild and that he will do well when around your guests.

Give Your Dog Consistent Affection

Dogs crave affection from their owners. In this way, they are much like children. If they do not receive enough affection, they may use behaviors to get any type of attention from you. Therefore, it is in your best interest to give your new dog attention and affection consistently and often. Go for walks together frequently. Throw a ball or a frisbee for your pet. Layer on the verbal compliments and the affectionate petting. The bond that will grow between you and your dog with this type of relationship will be remarkable.

Visit the Vet Regularly

Part of being a responsible dog owner is taking care of all parts of your dog’s health and wellness. Seeing a veterinarian regularly is an important part of this step, and it should be done annually even when your dog is young. In fact, puppies will most likely need more frequent appointments than this to get fixed and to get their immunizations. Not only can you get a baseline picture of your dog’s health through these regular appointments, but also you can more quickly notice problems that are beginning to appear. You may occasionally also need medications for your dog, such as dewormers. Vet Products Direct offers dog worming products online if you have the prescription from the vet.

The choice to welcome a dog into your home is one that will bring you years of joy. By taking the time and the necessary funds to care for your dog well in the beginning of his life, you will set yourself up for a wonderful relationship with your pet.

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