Toastmasters Ah Counter – Improves Public Speaking Skills

There are times when a speech or a presentation is required and most people have serious issues with speaking in front of a crowd. While it is possible to make exceptions at times, there are instances when one’s job depends on oratorical skills. This is exactly what Toastmasters Ah Counter is all about.

The program was especially developed to monitor the interjections and fillers a person uses during a normal speech. When presenting a certain situation, one has to be fluent – otherwise he/she may be perceived as unprepared or even unprofessional.

With Toastmasters Ah Counter it is easy to improve anyone’s speaking abilities. In addition to that, the whole idea is based on interaction, which also leads to bonding between colleagues. Toastmasters Ah Counter must be used with at least another person who will play note down how many times the other person has used interjections and filler worlds.

At the end of the meeting, a report will be presented, thus giving the speaker insight into his/her weak areas. It is a great way to improve anyone’s public speaking skills.

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