Top 4 Reasons Men File for Divorce

Divorce is never an easy decision, but it’s definitely part of the American social structure. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), 90% of Americans get married by the time they reach the age of 50, and 40-50% of those marriages eventually fail. A strong and healthy marriage can be good for mental and physical health, but a divorce can help you get back your happiness and sanity long after your health falters. Michigan is a no-fault state regarding the finalization of the divorce, but fault is still relevant for specific needs such as property division, spousal support, and potentially child custody issues. While men and women may overlap in some of their reasons for filing for a Michigan divorce, the following are the main reasons men opt to end their marriages.

Major Financial Differences

Financial issues or disagreements at some point are normal in most marriages. But when they’re consistent, they can lead to serious stress, deep-seated resentment, and eventually divorce. As many men are still either the “breadwinners” or the financial head of the household, financial concerns hit their end especially hard. Just like women, men like feeling appreciated and as though their opinions matter. A man who feels appreciated and honored is far more likely to let over-spending roll off his back. Unfortunately, over-spending and lack of appreciation often go hand-in-hand.

Infidelity and Sexual Concerns

It’s perfectly normal to slow down in the sex department once you’ve established comfortable or predictable life patterns with your partner. But when sex slows to a crawl or stops altogether, the underlying concern for most men is that their spouse doesn’t find them attractive anymore. Quite often this insecurity is the base problem of many sexual or intimate issues even if the man is the one rejecting the sexual connection. Many times, however, the sexual problems evolve into adultery. According to one study, women are now cheating as much as men but with fewer consequences. However, that decision can, and often does, still lead to divorce.

Mental Abuse and Feelings of Inadequacy

Men and women tend to handle stress differently. When a normally good and decent man yells, becomes angry, violent, or engages in inappropriate behavior, there’s generally an underlying reason. And in most cases, his behavior is due to either being attacked by his partner on a mental level or feelings of inadequacy. Negative reactions set in and the man then distances himself from his spouse. A cycle often forms. Once those feelings compile, they can lead to other issues such as infidelity and crossing other irreversible boundaries in the relationship until he contacts a divorce lawyer.

Incompatibility and Growing Apart

Change is to be expected in any relationship, but that change isn’t always mutual or beneficial to the marriage. Incompatibility is the reason for approximately 20% of male divorce claims. Personal dissatisfaction in the relationship can be caused by lack of decent and continual communication, lack of sex, infidelity concerns, financial issues, and countless other issues. However, sometimes couples simply grow apart. At that point, there are often two feasible decisions: live out your life in a miserable and loveless marriage, or contact a competent divorce lawyer and let your Michigan divorce help build a new foundation of happiness for both of you.

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