Top 4 Tips for SMB Blogging

In today’s business world, it is not enough for a company to simply have a website. In order to have a vibrant and robust presence online, a website needs to have fresh content on a regular basis. Updating a website on a continuous basis can be redundant as well as expensive. A blog provides a method of updating a business’s website in such a way that also provides a valuable service for its customers.


1. Make Blogging Count

A blog provides a fluid outlet for a business that can be as creative and informative as they like. Some businesses use their blog to highlight recent happenings, such as new contracts they have been awarded or people that have been recently hired. Other companies use their blog as an opportunity to explain more about the business itself or to bring attention to new industry trends. Still others use a combination of the two to create a hybrid yet informative blog.

2. Keep Blogs Relevant

Regardless of the direction that your blog takes, it is important for it to be relevant to those people that are most likely to visit it. A blog for a car dealership, for example, should not talk about the latest trends in cookware. Though this might be an interesting subject for many readers, it is out of place on such a business’s website. A better subject for a car dealership’s website would be content that highlights the services the business provides for its customers after the sale. Perhaps the dealership also offers a repair service using only manufacture recommended parts, for instance, or it provides maintenance services for a certain make of vehicle.

3. Vary the Subject Matter

In order to keep the interest of your visitor’s, make sure to mix up the subject of the blogs that are featured on your business website. In the case of the car dealership example noted above, in addition to highlighting additional services that are offered to customers or news items such as recent hires, there are other items of interest that can be blogged about. Some ideas include specials the dealership is running, community events that are being sponsored by the company and advice on how to find the best dealership when shopping for a new or used car.

4. Blog Frequently

In addition to keeping your website higher in the search engine rankings because it is updated often, posting blogs on a regular basis helps a business become a trusted resource when visitors are looking for information and/or guidance. Blogging on a regular basis also indicates that the business is staying fresh and up-to-date on the latest happenings within its industry. Nearly every type of blogging software these days has the option to schedule posts on a particular date so you never have to remember to do so after you set it up.

A blog helps keep a business relevant within its industry in the fast-paced world of today. It does so by providing engaging content that visitors want and need to read.

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