Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Junk Your Car for Cash

Nothing’s made to last a lifetime anymore and that, unfortunately, includes vehicles. The age of the average car on American roadways is just under 12 years, and some are driven several years longer. But eventually, the driver will still need to decide what to do with their vehicle once it becomes a burden. Fortunately, no one has to handle it alone. In fact, you can get paid well for the opportunity to take your clunker right off your hands. But what are the top signs it’s time to sell your junk car for cash?

Present Condition Issues

If you don’t have the interest or ability to trade in your vehicle every few years, your car will eventually deteriorate. And at some point, that may become an issue. Dents, rust issues, and noticeable exterior damage can affect your ability to get from point A to point B. Perhaps the wheels are bent and metal scrapes against the tires or causes a loud screech every time you drive. A car in such poor condition often needs to be scrapped. So why not get some extra cash out of the deal?

Repairs Exceed Value

Any vehicle approaching 100,000 miles will need extensive work. If you’ve lucked out so far and avoided big-ticket repairs, you can expect them to start appearing right around the corner. And at one point, those repairs are going to exceed the value of the vehicle itself. Online car forums can help give an idea of what’s to come so you can plan for the expense. But it might just be easier and less expensive to sell your junk car for cash.

Safety Concerns

Safety should always be one of the top considerations for keeping or disposing of a vehicle. If your tires are bald or defective, there’s a continuous ping or shimmy that always seems to disappear for the mechanic, or your engine light keeps flipping on without reason, driving can suddenly take on a lot of extra risks. Newer vehicles have extra safety and self-diagnostic features in place to ensure a safer ride. So if fear is an issue, it may be time to eliminate the cause.

Overall Discomfort or Embarrassment

You should be well aware of your car’s history, so it really shouldn’t be a shock if problems are piling up to the breaking point. But even if the issues can still be repaired, the discomfort may not be worth it. Perhaps you’ve fixed the transmission just to discover the air conditioner died during summer. Maybe the constant noises, smoking, or random stalling causes constant embarrassment. Or perhaps you’ve missed out on taking your nephews to the zoo because your sister-in-law won’t let them ride in your clunker. Discomfort or embarrassment of that degree makes compelling arguments for junking the jalopy.

You Can’t Find a Buyer

If your car is an eyesore, needs repairs that cost more than the vehicle’s worth, or has some serious safety concerns, chances are no one else is going to want to buy it. Even if you can shake it off on a sketchy lot, you’ll be paying hand over fist for their trade-in “services” while they make money on your decision. So consider your options carefully. Almost 80% of a vehicle’s materials are recyclable, and many components are worth quite a bit of money to the right buyer. Or you can just give us a call and get cash on the spot for your junk car.

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