Trivia Search: Brain Teasers Review

Having a game that is challenging and fun at the same time installed in your phone is surely a blessing.

Rather than wasting your time on games that don’t have that much value, such a game improves you as a whole being.

First of all, it promotes your discipline and reasoning capabilities.

It also helps improve critical thinking skills and problem solving skills while entertaining you.

Thankfully, with a good smartphone or tablet and quality internet connectivity, you can download, install and play as many games as you possibly want right at the palm of your hand.

The Trivia Search: Brain Teasers game is a great combination of crossword, word search, trivia and word-brain within a single Google PlayStore or App Store.


This game features all your favorite topics including arts, riddles, animals, food, history, quotes, anagrams and the basic general knowledge.

It comes in 560+ levels full of teasers and puzzles for you to solve, and even with the greatest knowledge and genius in the world, you would still be challenged by this game.

Playing this game simply involves solving a quiz and then searching for those answers from the puzzle.

It definitely is the most effective way to work out your brain and to increase you knowledge and brainpower.

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