Trunq App

Everyone’s phone gallery and file storage is at most times just a big mess of files that have been mixed up in no particular order.

This makes it almost impossible for one to access the most important files, pictures and videos from the whole confusion, hence frustrating and time wasting.

Trunq has been designed to help solve this by providing you with an easy to use interface with better organization features to ensure all your important files and registers are kept organized, hence promoting easier accessibility, saving and sharing.

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Capturing pictures and videos using the Trunq app is as simple as just tapping its camera icon.

Saving the pictures or videos taken is done by tapping the share function and saving it to “My Trunq” on the contact page.

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This iPhone application also gives you the ability to upload past events via the website or via the app itself.

For easier accessibility, you can save your files into bundles, which are basically albums that hold a collection of related files hence a simpler life for its user.


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